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Sharp Hyundai i20 N and i30 N have Czech prices

After a series of gradual revelations and premieres, we finally saw the Czech awards for the sharp Hyundai models with the nickname N. The inflated front-wheelers i20 and i30 already know their official value, however, we had to professionally estimate the fresh sporty Kona. So take a look to see if any of the South Korean sprinters come to your liking.

The ticket to world N starts with the i20 model for CZK 599,990. In his womb, a blown 16-hundreds ornate for 204 horses work, while the shifting is taken care of by a six-speed manual. However, you should not be completely interested in the basic version, because the N Premium equipment for CZK 679,990 includes, in addition to useful features such as navigation, a wide multimedia screen, seat heating, etc., also a mechanical differential with limited clamping. Well, that's quite a strong argument for taking a few dozen extra Palacky out of the purse.

The traditional Nošovice i30 N (oh yes, this racer is made in the Czech Republic) is divided into hatchback and liftback (commercially called Fastback) according to the body. The hatch costs CZK 699,990 and includes a supercharged 250-horsepower two-liter paired with a six-speed manual. However, this variant will certainly generate minority sales, because the far more interesting N Performance specification will cost CZK 769,990.

Not only will you improve by 30 horsepower, but you will also get, for example, better brakes, a variable exhaust valve, an electronically controlled differential with limited clamping, forged nineteen, and reinforcement in the trunk. In addition, the equipment can be upgraded with one of two packages (each for CZK 30,000), which will replace the basic type of seats and their upholstery.

The top design is then the replacement of the six-speed manual with a two-clutch eight-speed automatic with advanced driving modes. True, the basic number of CZK 819,990 is not completely low, but it will probably be worth the fun. After all, the great Albert Biermann himself won with all the women, and that is the capacity in his field, please.

If you prefer a liftback (Fastback) instead of a hatchback, add another CZK 20,000 on top of each basic amount. However, we would like to remind you that the most pre-fitted Hyundai i30 N Project C pre-cell lift driver, which is available for CZK 999,990, has not yet disappeared from the offer.

And what about the newly introduced Kona N? So far, we can only estimate, however, due to the shared technology with the i30 N, we are almost certain that the basic selling price will not exceed one million crowns. Based on the financial differences between the classic i30 variants and the dynamic i30 N, we guess that we will get somewhere between CZK 799,990 and CZK 899,990 for the Kona N SUV, although any bonuses (premiums) applied by imports may still be affected by this amount. For every car, and that's quite pleasant, Hyundai gives a set of winter tires for free and a five-year warranty with no mileage restrictions.

If the offer (or brand) of Hyundai does not smell completely to you, we have selected several other fierce competitors for you across the segments and we enclose their prices and technical specifications.

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