Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One - New footage and release date

The release date of the upcoming game Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has leaked from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares. The source was the infamous Microsoft Store and, as it turned out yesterday, he did not lie again.

The developers have announced that the game will actually be released on November 16 this year, at least on a PC and next-gen console. The owners of the last generation of consoles will also see it, but only a few weeks later, we do not yet know the exact date. In any case, pre-orders have already been launched on all platforms.

You can pre-order the standard edition for € 45, which, in addition to the basic game, also gives you a part of Crimes & Punishments from 2014, one extra case, and a few cosmetic bonuses.

There is also a Deluxe edition for € 60, which in addition to the already mentioned bonuses also includes a Season Pass. This will give you access to other cases that will be added to the game after the release. Details can be found on the official website.

But that's not all. On the occasion of announcing the release date, Frogwares also released a trailer and especially deep dive gameplay, in which we could watch 7 minutes of footage directly from the game.

The demonstration begins with the very arrival of young Sherlock Holmes in his hometown of Cordon, where he returned to visit his mother's grave. He has to spend the night in a hotel and it seems that several mysteries await us there. In addition to ordinary citizens, Sherlock's partner Jonathan (Jon) can also give us tasks. In addition, the developers point out that if we kill criminals instead of arresting them, or ignoring Jon's requests, it can severely damage our relationship with him.

The most important part of the whole game, of course, is the solution of cases, which consists of questioning witnesses and suspects, collecting and examining evidence, and finally connecting individual deductions in the palace of thought. As in previous games, we can come to several conclusions and it is not at all impossible to accuse an innocent person. The game classically continues, whatever we decide. Unlike the previous episodes, however, we will move into an open world, with the base being the family home of Sherlock Holmes, which will also be important for the whole story.

Then the developers introduced a combat system, which they allegedly created based on feedback about the combat in their previous game - The Sinking City. In Sherlock, fights are more logical puzzles than just random shooting, which is quite interesting. But if the shootouts don't suit you in a primary detective game, you can turn them off completely, or set their difficulty (which also applies to investigations).

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