Six things in your home that affect the quality of the WiFi network


We often face the problem of poor Wi-Fi connection at home, and the problem may be in the router settings or the bad service provided by the carrier, but most of the time the reason for the weakness of the Wi-Fi network is certain furniture we have at home or things Close to our router or computer equipment.

The Bright Side website tells you which elements are the main enemies of Wi-Fi, while offering helpful tips for avoiding a poor connection.

1. Metal surfaces and furniture

Metal is conductive, which means that it absorbs electricity, and since the Wi-Fi network emits electromagnetic waves, any metal surface or object in your home will prevent the waves from spreading. If you want your Internet connection to work without problems, it is necessary to place the router away from the metal.

2. Brick and stone walls

Some types of walls block your Wi-Fi signal, and among the most common materials that prevent reliable connection are marble, cement, concrete, and brick, which explains why the Internet connection is poor on one of the floors in two-story homes, and to fix that, put your router in Open and away from the walls.

3. Mirrors

The material that allows us to see our image in the mirror also reflects the signal from the router, it acts as a shield, making the internet connection bounce, and when it is close to the router it can make the signal strength slower and unstable.

4. Refrigerators and washing machines

As a general rule, electrical devices with tubes that circulate water are not friendly to the Wi-Fi signal, and water may retain some energy from radio waves, which negatively affects the quality of the Internet connection.

5. Baby monitor

These screens generate 2.4 gigahertz interference, just like Wi-Fi, and when two or more devices send the same frequency, those devices use air to send their data instead of sending waves, as is the case with a wireless connection, although baby monitors usually require a network connection. To function properly you should avoid placing it too close to the router.

6. The microwave

This is another device that has a frequency spectrum similar to the one used by the Wi-Fi network, so if your router is close to this device, lift it to a place higher than the microwave level, and this will greatly reduce the negative impact that the microwave can have on the connection.

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