Solve the problem of Gmail that does not receive messages


Gmail is considered one of the most used e-mail services around the world because everyone has Google accounts due to the spread of Android phones. Many applications and sites allow you to log into them through a Google account, without creating a new account for them, and therefore everyone relies on Google services for e-mail and uses them frequently instead of other services such as Yahoo or Microsoft Mail. But there are some crashes and problems that cause the emails not to reach the users.

These reasons differ from one account to another, so we have collected for you the most important solutions to stop receiving messages.

Make sure there is enough storage space in the service: Email messages and their contents take up space in the storage space of the Gmail service that they depend on, so if you run out of storage space, you will not be able to receive new messages. This was not a problem in the past, but after Google combined storage space between its various services such as Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. You are in danger of running out of this space due to other services, so you should delete the junk messages first. You can also buy more storage space in order to keep all the messages you receive and to protect yourself against the risk of running out of space.

Check other message folders: This problem is one of the most common reasons why emails do not arrive, as the user thinks that the message did not arrive but arrived in a different folder. The service includes a set of different folders for e-mail messages, and you can create the folders you want. But the service comes by default with a set of folders which are Important, Annoying, and Banned Messages folder. You can go to the spam folder to find most of the messages that you think you did not receive, and when you open this message, you can return it to the spam folder. Alternatively, you can check the All messages folder, where you will find a section in Mail that contains all messages that have arrived, regardless of their folder.

Enable IMAP to make Gmail work well on iPhone: The iPhone service relies on a technology called IMAP, which is a technology for exchanging information between the phone and a Gmail server. And you must make sure that this technology is well activated in order for it to work on your phone without problems. You can activate it by going to Gmail settings through the service website and then clicking on the IMAP tab and activating it from it. You must make sure that you are connected to the Internet and that you have allowed the Gmail application on your phone to access and use the Internet.


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