Some Windows 11 computers can use animated backgrounds


The arrival of Windows 11 is generating a multitude of headlines. As the days go by, more features and options that this operating system will have been known. One of them is the support for animated backgrounds on the lock screen, although only some computers will be able to use this function, as we have already known.

This function is only aesthetic, but it is a possibility that many users may like in the Microsoft operating system. Not everyone will be able to enjoy it.

This animated background in Windows 11 will use a parallax effect. This assumes that the image used as the background moves, but only when the screen does. Not all users in the operating system will be able to use this option since it will only be on those computers that have an accelerometer. So you will have to check if yours has one, in order to use those animated backgrounds.

The option to activate them is entered in the Lock screen section in the system settings. So those users who already have this possibility will be able to make use of it. A function that surely interests many users.

These weeks we are learning about many of the functions and options that we find in Windows 11. An operating system that is generating interest and that is going to be launched for millions of users over the next few months. What do you think about this new feature?

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