Sony has updated the PlayStation 4 and this is not a bug fix

Sony has released a system software update for PlayStation 4 consoles. Update 9.00 brings quite a few new features and improvements.

Among the innovations of firmware 9.00:

  • Viewing PS5 prizes on PS4 consoles

  • in the "Messages" section, it is now possible to delete groups (from the owner of the group), leave groups when a user is blocked, if you are only two in this group

  • On mobile devices (Android or iOS / iPadOS), you can use the PS Remote Play app to access your PS4 over a mobile network

  • Parental Controls introduced parental notifications in the PS4 and PlayStation app when a child requests permission to use in-game communication features. The child is also notified when their parent or guardian accepts, rejects, or ceases to allow the child to use the communication features of the game

  • in the settings, you can choose whether you want to be notified of new products and special offers on PS4 or by email.

The system update started rolling out today, September 15th. The size is 490 MB.

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