Sony PlayStation officially acquires game development studio Haven

Sony Group issued a statement saying that it will acquire Haven Entertainment Studios, a game development studio led by industry veteran Jade Raymond (Jade Raymond), which is in the process of acquiring Develop multiple PS5 exclusive games. Today, Sony officially completed the acquisition of Haven.

According to GamesIndustry, a big reason PlayStation bought the company was because of the way Haven Studios operates. Previously, Haven set up a studio in the cloud due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "We initially had a cloud computing team of about six people working on new ways of working," Raymond said. "Now, we've got 21 more engineers who will be focusing on cloud computing because we believe it will be changing the way games are made".

It is worth mentioning that before founding Haven, Raymond has been making games on Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform. After the establishment of Haven, the studio has been planning to build a studio in a cloud. Specifically, Haven employees not only have the option to work remotely but all their computing needs are handled by the cloud, which will make game development even more convenient.

To support their cloud-based technology and other R&D efforts, Haven has hired former Rainbow Six: Siege technical director Jalal El Mansouri, who will join Haven as lead architect and R&D lead.

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