South Korea: Domestic online video service (OTT), foreign services were found to be higher

In terms of user satisfaction with domestic online video service (OTT), foreign services such as YouTube and Netflix were found to be higher than domestic services such as TV and Wave.

According to the report 'Analysis of content provision status and service/content usage of domestic OTTs' by the Information and Communication Policy Institute on the 28th, the user satisfaction of these four OTTs were found in the order of YouTube 0.83, Netflix 0.57, Teabing 0.33, and Wave 0.22.

This is the result of an average of two items of service content and user experience for users who have used these services within a month at the time of the survey.

As a result of the survey on the intention to continue using the service, YouTube 1.01 and Netflix 0.50, etc., foreign services outperformed domestic services such as Wave 0.26 and Teabing 0.22.

As a result of surveying respondents' viewing frequency, 44.3% answered 'watching more than 6 days a week', followed by 'watching 4-5 days a week' with 20.2%.

Combined, the rate of viewing more than 4 days a week reached 64.5% of the total. This is 5.4 percentage points higher than the 59.1% in the previous year's survey.

The home was the most common place to watch internet videos, and the frequency of watching in other places decreased overall compared to the previous year. The Information and Communication Policy Research Institute explained that it reflects the impact of the novel coronavirus infection.

Netflix (26.4%) was the most common OTT (multiple responses) subscribing to a monthly subscription, followed by YouTube Premium (12.7%), Wave (6.8%), U+Mobile TV (5.3%), and Teabing (4.8%). was counted

The services that have been used within the last month are YouTube (90.6%), Netflix (32.9%), Naver TV (30.7%), Facebook (video viewing only, 19.5%), Kakao TV (14.2%), Wave (12.5%). %), Teabing (12.3%), U + Mobile TV (10.3%), and Afreeca TV [067160] (10.1%).

Netflix has nearly doubled the use experience rate compared to the previous year (17.4%).

The most frequently used services within a month were YouTube (74.8%), Netflix (7.8%), Wave (4%), Tving (2.3%), and Season (2.1%).

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