South Korea: Imports such as Audi A6 and Volvo S60 'some defects'

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport announced that manufacturing defects were found in 24,942 of 75 models among imported car models, and corrective action (recall) was taken.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 25th, the target companies are Audi Volkswagen Korea, Volvo Car Korea, Mercedes-Benz Korea, Ford Sales Service Korea, Tesla Korea, Porsche Korea, Jaguar Land Rover Korea, and Suzuki-CMC.

In 9,759 vehicles of 46 models, including the A6 45 TFSI Premium imported and sold by Audi Volkswagen Korea, it was found that the trailing arm fixing nut, a part in the rear axle suspension, was weak. As a result, there is a possibility that the nut may be damaged and the stability of the vehicle body may be lost.

In 7,208 vehicles of 7 models, including the S60, imported and sold by Volvo Car Korea, there is a possibility that the fuse may be blown due to insufficient capacity of the fuel supply control device fuse. In this case, there is a possibility that the engine may be turned off due to lack of fuel supply, so the recall has been decided.

It was found that 2,537 C 200s imported and sold by Mercedes-Benz Korea could cause a fire due to engine control unit (ECU) software error due to overheating of parts in the generator when idling for a long time.

In 760 models of 12 models, including the GLA 200 d, there is a gap between the bearing in the steering wheel shaft and the mounting hole, so there is a possibility that the bearing may come off and the steering may not be properly steered.

It has been confirmed that 2,98 Aviators imported and sold by Ford Sales Service Korea may not properly display the rear situation when reversing due to an error in the signal transmitted from the image processing module to the indoor screen.

As this is a violation of safety standards, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to issue a recall and impose a fine in consideration of the correction rate in the future.

For the Model 3 516 imported and sold by Tesla Korea, it was confirmed that the caliper may come off due to a defective assembly of the brake caliper fixing device and the brake would not work properly.

In 424 models of two models, including the Cayenne Coupe imported and sold by Porsche Korea, it was found that the trailing arm fixing nut in the rear axle suspension could be damaged.

In 320 units of three models, including the Range Rover Sport 3.0D, imported and sold by Jaguar Land Rover Korea, it was confirmed that the fixing condition of the rear spoiler was poor. If the spoiler falls off the body, the recall has been decided because there is a possibility that the safety of the following vehicle may be compromised.

1,320 two-wheeled vehicles, including the Bergman 125, imported and sold by Suzuki CMC are also subject to the recall. In this car model, there is a possibility that the speedometer may not work due to a defective circuit board on the instrument panel.

Vehicles subject to this recall can be repaired free of charge at the service center of the manufacturer/distributor.

The manufacturer will notify the owner of the corrective action by mail or mobile phone text message. If the car owner made the repairs at his own expense before the recall, he or she can apply for cost compensation to the manufacturer.

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