South Korea: Kia launches 'midsize sedan' K5 model year change

Kia has released the model year change of the K5, 'The 2022 K5', with the new emblem applied. Kia has released The 2022 K5 with Trendy, Prestige, Noblesse, and Signature trims. The hybrid model with a dedicated design changed the existing horizontal pattern tiger-nose radiator grill to a 'shark tooth' pattern reminiscent of shark teeth. A strong impression was added by applying black high-gloss (high gloss) paint to the grill.

In the trendy trim and prestige trim, convenience specifications that were not in the existing trim were applied as standard. The Trendy has a leather/heated steering wheel, and the Prestige has a front parking distance warning.

The wireless charging function for smartphones, which was previously optional, was applied as standard to the Noblesse and Signature trim. The K5 is Kia's representative mid-size sedan, and a total of 112,581 units (excluding commercial use) were sold in the 18 months following the release of the third-generation model in December 2019. Last year, 79,72 units were sold, ranking first in domestic mid-size sedan sales.

A Kia official said, As the 2022 K5 has been strengthened, it is expected to provide greater satisfaction to customers.

The 2022 K5 2.0 gasoline model is priced at 23.81 million won for Trendy, 26.31 million won for Prestige, 28.22 million won for Noblesse, and 39.2 million won for Signature. The 1.6 gasoline turbo model is priced from 24.59 million won to 31.71 million won by trim.

The 2.0 hybrid model costs 27.77 million to 33.84 million won, and the 2.0 LPI model is 26.75 million to 38.87 million won.

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