SpaceX will be able to send up to six missions into space with civilians on board annually

A historic event for SpaceX Elon Musk took place this week and launched the first crew into space with space tourists on board. Participants of the Inspiration4 mission will stay in orbit at an altitude of about 580 km for several days and then return to Earth. And already next year, space tourists through the efforts of SpaceX may increase.

According to Benjamin Reed, director of mission control for Crew Dragon, SpaceX will be able to launch up to six missions like Inspiration4 a year. Nothing limits the company in this: you just need to prepare the missiles. And civilians, obviously, have to go through the appropriate training course.

According to Reed, the list of candidates for flights to the Crew Dragon is becoming more and more extensive. Early next year, Axiom Space will use SpaceX to send a crew to the ISS, then SpaceX will carry out several NASA missions, but " we also have more and more commercial missions with astronauts, and we look forward to doing them ."

SpaceX's long-term goal, Reed said, is to send millions of people into space and fly in space at the airline's level.


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