Spin: BMW Dynamic Cargo and Clever Commute: Time to conquer the city

As there has been an increase in traffic in many city centers in recent years and the mobility requirements of citizens living in urban environments remain high, BMW engineers have once again demonstrated their ability to transfer knowledge from the world. automotive sector to prototypes for micro-mobility vehicles. The most recent example is the Dynamic Cargo electrified bicycle and the Clever Commute electric scooter concept.

Sustainable individual mobility

If we start with the Dynamic Cargo, we are looking at the first pick-up dynamic cargo bike that combines driving pleasure with flexible use and greater suitability throughout the year, says BMW itself. This vehicle has three wheels, with a front frame that is connected to the rear section by a pivot axle and tilts when cornering. The powertrain is electrified, so it kicks in as soon as the rider starts pedaling and powers the two rear wheels. In addition, it can be equipped with a wide range of modular accessories to carry luggage and/or children.

Our goal was to develop a concept that would retain the agility and riding feel of a normal bicycle while adding innovative and safe transportation options. The Concept Dynamic Cargo is the first 'pick-up' dynamic cargo bike that combines driving pleasure with flexible use and increased year-round suitability, says Jochen Karg, director of vehicle concepts in the New division. BMW Group Technologies and China.

The battery pack for both vehicles can be removed and charged at home.

For its part, the Clever Commute stands out as a scooter with an ergonomic design suitable for daily use, with high driving stability and a compact size when folded. BMW says that it is ideal for parking and riding since its dimensions are ideal for carrying it in the trunk of the car, although it also has a public transport mode that facilitates the incorporation of trips by public transport, on longer trips.

Will they go into production?

“With its unique product features, the Clver Commute is a versatile companion in the city and allows any trip to be completed quickly, safely, and easily. Its capacity for transformation makes it a truly ideal solution for multimodal travel ”, says the German brand.

The BMW Group has confirmed that it will not manufacture either of the two prototypes presented by itself, although it is already in talks with potential licensees.

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