Spotify is testing cheaper subscriptions where ads will stay

Spotify is also testing a more affordable subscription. It's called Spotify Plus, but it's not the same approach as YouTube Premium Lite we talked about yesterday. In this case, advertising just remains, but other restrictions are removed. In particular, the number of tracks skipped per hour on mobile devices, the inability to listen to specific tracks in albums and playlists, and so on.

At least one user saw a Spotify Plus ad for as little as $ 1 a month versus $ 10 a month for a regular premium subscription in the US. However, this is only a special case, as Spotify offers different prices for different users as part of testing, in order to investigate the reaction.

Spotify itself has already confirmed testing a new subscription among a limited number of users, while the company noted that it does not guarantee the final appearance of such a subscription in its current form.


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