Spotify updates the desktop version to resemble the mobile version


Spotify updates the desktop version to resemble the mobile version and now with the details of the news.

Spotify announced that it is updating its desktop and web interface application to provide an improved look and feel, as the redesign brings a lot of cosmetic adjustments, and some features find a new place within the app, but the biggest noticeable change is the similarity to the mobile app.

According to the Indian GSM website, the Swedish company revealed that the new update had been introduced after months of discussions and development, and the search field was no longer in the status bar, it was located to the side, between the home page and your library directly. This means browsing and radio have been pushed to the three-dot menu in the upper-left corner.

Adding tracks to playlists is also easier just a simple drag and drop of the path toward a user-created playlist works magic.

One of Spotify Premium's best features is the ability for users to download their playlists to the mobile phone, and they will now be able to do that on the desktop in addition to adding a download button / icon, and there are also improved key combinations that can be unlocked with Ctrl +? Or Command + ?, depending on the device.

The new redesign has already been rolled out to all users worldwide, but it may take weeks to reach everyone, and PC users can download the new app from the Microsoft Store or the Epic Games Store, while Mac users must head to the Spotify website.

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