SsangYong X200: Returning to the origin is not going back


SsangYong has a clear formula to get out of its delicate economic situation and walk towards a prosperous future: recover the 4x4 essence of its models, adding an unmistakable retro style to them. The best example of this new philosophy of the Korean brand is called SsangYong X200 and it is the latest project carried out under the leadership of Lee Kang, director of the SsangYong Design Center.

The retro SsangYong

Clearly inspired by the first generation Korando and Musso, the SsangYong X200 offers us a journey to the true origin of the brand, which dates back to 1983 although it arrived much later on the European market. In the words of its head of design, this is the new philosophy 'Powered by Toughness' of SsangYong, which proposes to return to the origin of the brand to create new electrified models with the essence of the tough 4x4 with which the brand began its journey. Thus, with a new retro design, fully current mechanics, and an affordable price, the Korean company wants to offer such interesting vehicles as this SUV.

The SsangYong X200 stands out for its rounded headlights, with a special light signature and divided by a vertical grille highlighted by up to five chrome stripes. The bumpers are authentic defenses also in the 4x4 style although they integrate both the indicators and the fog lights. Other details to highlight are the straight lines of the roof and the tailgate, the wide wheel arches, the off-road tires, or the retractable canvas roof, compatible with a set of roof bars and some racks that allow you to transport surfboards, bicycles, or any other type of adventure material.

Like the headlights, the SsangYong X200 drivers have a squared design reminiscent of the Jeep Wrangler, as well as independent turn signals and a wide tailgate that seems designed to accommodate a spare wheel identical to the other four.

A future for SsangYong?

While waiting to know more details about this new SsangYong concept, which at the moment is nothing more than a sketch, the Korean brand has confirmed the arrival of the electric Korando, something that is always hopeful news for its future.

At the moment, the technical details of this X200 are unknown, but some of the aforementioned Korando EVs have been revealed. This model will equip a single 190 hp electric motor powered by a 61.5 kWh battery from the LG Chem brand. This set will allow it to offer about 320 km of WLTP autonomy to a model that will only be 4x2. Some of these mechanical organs could be inherited by the definitive model that emerges from this X200 but without a doubt, we will have to wait.

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