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Stadia Games Service has over 3 million downloads


Google managed to score 3 million times the number of times the Stadia game streaming service application was downloaded in 2020.

The search giant provided Stadia to broadcast games about a year and a half ago, and Google has added during the last period a set of features and games in the service, but Google has closed the first-party studios before launching any games.

The total number of downloads for the Stadia application was revealed through a report published by Sensor Tower, where the report confirmed that the number of downloads on the Android and iOS platforms exceeded 3 million times.

The report also indicated that the main focus on the game streaming service came in the United States market, where the market recorded 1.6 million downloads, while in the UK market it recorded nearly 380,000 times, and in Germany, the number of downloads reached 262000 times.

The Android platform also acquired the largest percentage of downloads by 73%, as users of the iOS platform tend to buy games through Apple's services and app store.


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