Steam store UI overhauled with new tabs, genres, and category pages

Valve officially announced that it will bring a major UI change to the Steam store. In today's Steam update, various tags, types, categories, and theme browsing pages in the Steam store have been greatly adjusted. These new store hubs have been previously released through Steam Labs, tested over the past few months, and updated and iterated based on player feedback.

All categories, topics, genres, and tags have a new hub

According to the official introduction, these new pages make it easier to explore all corners of Steam. Whether players want a broad category like "multiplayer," a theme like "space," or a specific tag like "action roguelike," these new hubs allow players to explore further.

For many categories, the official organization has been manually organized to show the relevant subcategories. For example, the role-playing store center is organized into action role-playing, adventure role-playing, Japanese role-playing, etc., allowing players to deeply explore the specific types of games they want.

Each center is tailor-made

The content of each hub is tailored based on a player's gameplay history, their network of friends, developers they follow, and items on their wishlist.

There are tons of detailed recommendations at the top of each center

The carousel at the top of the page shows suggested games for players, complete with metadata explaining why the game might be a good fit for you.

The categories under each hub are carefully selected

The Steam Store Center tabs quickly take players deep into related topics and subgenres. Each tab is manually crafted to show the subcategories most relevant to that hub. For example, players can specifically find open-world role-playing and casual games that support controllers. There are also hubs broken down by subtypes, such as the "Real Time" tab in this "Strategy" hub and the "Arcade" section in this "Sports & Racing" hub.

Latest recommendations for you: new recommendations for you and new games from developers you follow

Each hub will recommend games to players based on their most recent games on Steam and the developers they follow. Of course, if a player is watching a category of games they have never played before, Steam may not be able to generate many useful recommendations for the player and will hide those sections.

Filter, sort, and find just the right work for you

These hubs include powerful list views that allow players to filter to narrow down exactly the kind of games they want. Officials call this feature "faceted browsing," and it was also initially rolled out through Steam Labs.

Find recently updated games and upcoming events

Each section of the Steam Store will now display the current activity for that title. Players can learn about seasonal deals, major updates, or other interesting news directly from the developers.

Stay tuned for upcoming titles

Finally, these new hubs have a section dedicated to showing upcoming products. Players can pre-order a title or add it to their wishlist to be notified as soon as a title is released.

Finding the center is easy

Click on a tab on any game's store page to find the hub for that tab. Players can also easily find the most popular hubs, or hubs recommended for players, directly from the Steam Store homepage.

Recommended center for you

The official also added a colorful carousel area on the Steam homepage, allowing players to directly access their favorite game categories. This section will recommend game categories based on the games players have played recently, allowing players to explore more similar titles. Players can also scroll to find some other game categories that they may not have played recently.

Explore popular centers

At the top of the Steam store, players can click the "Category" drop-down menu to access the most popular hubs.

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