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Steam unveils new real-time and weekly charts showcasing top-selling and top-playing games

According to Steam official news, Steam has launched a new game statistics page , which lists the rankings of Steam's most popular games in the form of real-time leaderboards, and also integrates weekly hot sales, every The most popular new products of the month, Steam hardware surveys, download statistics and other lists, so that players can more easily view various information.

This new section replaces the original "Stats" page on Steam, making it easier to get an overview of what's currently hot on Steam. The new top-selling list is ranked based on total sales revenue, which includes various sources such as DLC sales and in-game transactions. Steam is applying this new method of calculating revenue to various charts throughout the Steam Store, including the Steam Homepage, Game Types pages, and the "Top Selling Items" tab on the Tag page.

List overview page

The new Steam Charts overview page provides an easy-to-understand overview of which games are selling the most, which are the most played, and how many players are currently online. Plus, there are links to quickly jump to the latest weekly and monthly lists. You can also find links to Steam hardware surveys, download stats, and support stats on this page.

Real-time best-selling product list

The real-time "Best Items" section on various pages across Steam has been around for over a decade, and even individual tags, genres, and topics have their own best-seller lists. Players can still find these lists on a single tab or genre page, or go directly to the search page on Steam and choose to sort by bestsellers. Today's update builds on what's been done in the past, but brings some notable improvements to the view of the Steam Charts:

Consecutive weeks on the list

  • We've added the number of weeks a game was on the Best Selling list.

Weekly ranking changes

  • We've added a game's ranking changes compared to last week (if any).

Zone switch

  • For the group of countries with the most players on Steam, we provide a country-specific list of best-selling items by default, which reflects the different customer interests in each region. By default, if your country has a specific list, we will display the list for your own country. However, you can always switch to the global list or another country's list if you're interested.

Total revenue

  • This list shows the current sales of the game, taking into account all editions of the game (Standard, Deluxe, etc.) as well as DLC and in-game deals. If a DLC sells high enough to be on the list on its own, we'll include that DLC as well, so players will notice if a new and exciting game expansion becomes a hit.

Real-time hottest playlist

The Most Played list lists the top 100 games based on the game's current player count, and also shows the recent peak player count for each game on the list. You can also switch to a single-day player list, which sorts games based on the total number of unique players over the past 24 hours.

Weekly bestseller list

The new Weekly Bestsellers list lists the top 100 games by weekly revenue, starting and ending Monday at 10 AM PT. These lists show the number of consecutive weeks each game has been on the list, as well as the change in ranking from the previous week.

You can easily check the charts from past weeks for popular games you may have missed. In fact, if you keep checking past weekly charts, you can go all the way back to 2005, when only 3 games were sold on Steam. You can also go back to the week of March 27, when PUBG PUBG landed at the top of the charts as soon as it landed on Steam.

Monthly hottest new product list

As of today, Steam has been making the monthly hottest new product list for more than a year. These monthly hottest new product lists will continue to be launched but will be migrated to new locations, coexisting with other lists, and it will be easier to view lists from previous months.

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