Steps to enable or disable in-app purchases on iPhone or Android

If you are trying to purchase any product from within the application you are using, whether this application is for a game, a sport, or other different disciplines, you can do so easily by turning on or off the in-app purchases feature on Apple and Android devices with some Just tap Turning off in-app purchases can also be important to resist the temptation to spend money while using apps, so here are the steps you might need to do both.

What do "in-app purchases" mean?

An in-app purchase is something you buy when using an app on your computer or mobile device, and can take the form of an e-book, and the ability to play a game without watching ads.

There are three types of in-app purchases...
  • In-app purchases that permanently unlock certain content or features, examples include e-books and game expansions.

  • Expendables: Often found in free games, expandable in-app purchases allow users to purchase coins or power-ups to help improve gameplay by helping them pass levels or get fun digital items.

  • Subscriptions: Ongoing purchases (often billed on a monthly or yearly basis) that give you access to an app or let you use advanced features beyond the free version.

How to enable or disable in-app purchases on iPhone or iPad?

  • Open the Settings app

  • Click on Screen Time, then Content & Privacy Restrictions

  • Turn on Privacy and Content Restrictions by tapping the slider, and it will turn green when it's on

  • Tap on iTunes & App Store Purchases

  • Tap In-App Purchases, then select Allow or Disallow

How to enable or disable in-app purchases on Android?

  • Open the Google Play Store app.

  • Tap on your profile icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then select Settings in the pop-up menu.

  • On the Settings page, tap Authentication, then tap Require Authentication for Purchases.

  • Then select one of three options: For all purchases through Google Play on this device.

  • Enter your Google password when prompted.


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