"Studio" for musicians appeared on VKontakte


The team of the VKontakte social network announced the launch of the Studio. In fact, this is the musician's office, which brings together the statistics of his work on the platform.

The launch of the Studio is supported by outdoor advertising in Moscow. In the Studio, the musician and his team will be able to monitor the number of fans, listen to songs in real-time, find out how many users have added tracks to their page, shared them with friends, shot clips and stories for these songs.

You can also find out more about your audience: gender, age, geography, and even musical preferences - for example, which artists are listened to additionally. Statistics on the most popular tracks, getting into editorial playlists, and promotion in the charts are available.

The Studio will become available to artists who have a VKontakte musician card. In the future, the possibilities of the cabinet will expand: directly from it, performers will be able to launch advertising campaigns.

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