Subaru Forester 2022: The SUV shows its new face


The Japanese SUV has a new update in its native country and with it a more attractive image. These days, automakers don't wait that long to introduce updates that keep their different products fresh and that shows with a large amount of restyling we are accustomed to. Subaru is one of them and today it has shown the Japanese public a renewed Forester that has been endowed with a series of cosmetic changes and improved equipment so that we only have to wait for the same to happen with the specification model. European.

New face

Until that happens, we will settle for the Subaru Forester destined for the Japanese market as the changes will be practically the same. In this sense, the highlight is found in the front of the SUV and is that the designers of the brand have chosen to introduce new optical groups, as well as a new grille and bumper, as part of the design language 'Bolder ' of the company. Regarding the rear, there seems to be no change, while the 18-inch wheels have new designs and the range of exterior colors is reinforced with three new tones.

If we take a look at the cabin we will discover that it has practically not changed since the update only brings with it some new upholstery, although the EyeSight system from Subaru has done so since it now presents a wider angle of view for the stereo camera and optimized software. This makes the Forester more accurately recognize the traffic environment, resulting in greater safety for all vehicle occupants. For the rest, the fifth generation of the Japanese SUV remains unchanged, at least in its version of Japanese specifications.

In the mechanical section, there are not many changes, but there are some outstanding ones. Most significantly affects the dynamic behavior of the vehicle since Subaru engineers have updated the suspension so that it offers a better balance between comfort and sportiness, while the e-Active Shift Control (the system responsible for selecting the different driving modes) is now available in all versions equipped with the e-Boxer hybrid powertrain.

Waiting for the European version

It does not seem that the Japanese brand is going to introduce change in these mechanics so that it will continue to develop 150 horsepower and a maximum torque of 194 Nm, associated with an automatic CVT-type gearbox that sends all the power to all four wheels. . Subaru is already accepting pre-orders for the JDM-spec Forester, so it won't take long to see its updated European variant.

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