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Survival sim "Doomsday" is coming to Switch

The survival simulation game "Surviving the Aftermath" will be released on the Switch platform on July 28, priced at HK$248.

About the game

"Surviving the Aftermath" is a "survival simulation game" that tries to survive in the future after the world is destroyed. Players must establish colonies in a post-destruction world, prepare for the inevitable threats of meteorites and fallout, build solid shelters and explore their surroundings, all while developing new technologies to minimize damage.

In order to regain the lost civilization, in this game, there will be "experts" with special abilities, "buildings" with various effects, and "tech trees" that can be extended indefinitely. Various elements interact with each other. Intertwined, and developed a unique esoteric game system for players to enjoy deeply. The colony's inhabitants, the map, and even the tech tree all randomly generate different elements at the start of a new round, so the game can be played over and over again. Depending on the difficulty selected, the AI ​​in the game will change, and each game will have a different experience. Play it over and over to hone your skills, try to challenge and beat the 100% difficulty level!

The game supports Simplified Chinese and requires 1.5G storage space, and the pre-sale is now open.

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