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SUVs continue to grow their sales

The general drop in car sales has not prevented the SUV's role in the European market from continuing to grow. In fact, already in 2019, the six million sold in a year will be exceeded. In 2020 the situation has been altered due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

However, so far in 2021 this segment continues to rise after experiencing in 2019 the seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth with 38% of the total market, according to data provided by the consulting firm Jato Dynamics.

Specifically, registrations in Europe in 2019 amounted to 6,030,481 units, 12% more and it was the first time that these registrations exceeded the six million unit mark.

But while SUVs increased their presence 3.6% compared to 2018, subcompacts, MPVs (minivans), compacts and sedans lost 3.6 percentage points.

The truth is that SUVs are key to giving volume to brands and are very important for the strength of car manufacturers in Europe. Its range increases year after year.

However, this increase undermines the sustainability claims advocated by car manufacturers as indicated by the organization Transport & Environment (T&E) confirming that the increase in sales of SUVs powered by combustion engines is "worrying".

According to Europa Press, the SUV market share increased by 4% during the first half of 2021, three times more than that of 100% electric. This means that in just over 10 years this type of vehicle has gone from 10% of sales to almost half of the total (45%) in Europe today.

Keep in mind that SUVs are larger and emit between 15 and 28% more CO2 than equivalent compacts.

With regard to electric cars, the truth is that their sales are increasing but half of them are SUVs, larger and heavier and larger than compact and therefore less efficient.

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