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Swiss Politicians Oppose Electric Vehicles with Punitive Tariffs

The automotive industry in Switzerland is once again up in arms against Swiss politicians. The reason: Parliament is constantly calling for more electric vehicles on Swiss roads in order to achieve the agreed climate goals, but is not creating any incentives for this.

On the contrary, as Peter Grünenfelder, President of the Swiss Auto Importers Association, points out, the framework conditions for switching to electric vehicles are being worsened instead of improved.

One concrete example is the reintroduction of an industrial tariff planned by the Federal Council from 2024 by extending the four percent automobile tax to electric vehicles. Grünenfelder is convinced that this measure will slow down the further growth of electric cars in Switzerland.

Another major concern for the automotive industry is the recent decision of the Council of States Commission for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy to reject financial support for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in multi-party buildings, in companies and in public parking spaces.

This decision is counterproductive for electromobility, says Auto-Schweiz, as long as the electricity market is not liberalized. The state will have to pull the power cables on public land, says the importers' association.

The automotive industry is calling on the Council of States to reject its commission's decision and to provide financial support for the expansion of the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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