T-Mobile is the first telecom company to use Google Messages as the default SMS app


The Google Messages platform got a big push from T-Mobile, as the telecom company announced that the Google application will be standard on all current and future Android phones it sells, and perhaps this is an important step for Google to make rich communication services everywhere through the system. Environmental Android.

T-Mobile was one of the first adopters of the protocol in 2015, and by the middle of last year, it had also become one of the first telecom companies to implement a complete standards-based intercom with messaging.

Google Messages is an instant messaging application for WhatsApp, and it is based on the RCS system, which is an acronym for Rich Communication Services, or rich communication services, and was launched in 2017, as it mainly depends on the ability to send multimedia within the messaging application. The traditional one that was limited to texting only.

The SMS system is limited to text messages and does not support sending high-quality pictures or uploading video clips, but RCS supports all of these features, as it can send images, videos, pdf and word files, and upload files up to 10 GB in size.


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