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"Taoist Simulation" National Horror Game "Zhenxie" Trial Demo Online

In April this year, a single-player national horror game " Zhenxie " developed by Lingxu Studio was launched on Steam and will be launched in the fall of 2022.

Recently, the game has launched a free trial demo and interested people can experience this alternative horror game of "Taoist simulation" first.

According to reports, "Zhen Xie" is a single-player national-style horror game. Based on numerous folk tales. In the game, players will play the role of Taoist disciples and go to the mysterious village to investigate the mystery of their life experience, but they do not want to but accidentally get involved in a huge conspiracy.

In addition to experiencing the rich main storyline of the game, players can also experience a variety of traditional national elements such as treasure hunting, exorcising evil spirits, opening altars, drawing talismans, and refining corpses. The game uses advanced ASMR stereo surround audio technology and full-character Chinese dubbing to achieve an immersive audio-visual feast.

Open the altar and draw the talisman, arrange the formation and refine the corpse

In this game, you play as a Taoist priest, you can not only open the altar and draw talismans, exorcise evil spirits, and treat people, but also recruit ghosts for your use, or catch ghosts to escape, and you can raise and refine corpses so that you can overcome the addiction of Taoist priests.

Go to the tomb and touch gold, draw talismans, and refine tools

There are unknown secrets and traps in this underground, and there are precious treasures. In the face of zombies and ghosts in the tomb, you must prepare enough before going to the tomb. Before going to the tomb, draw enough talismans for yourself to save your life. The unique tomb robbery theme and the exquisitely designed brain-burning mechanism will give you an extraordinary gaming experience if you love deciphering and brain-moving games.

The water ghost comes ashore, and the cock leads the soul

The exciting game plot is fascinating, adapted from a large number of folk tales, conjuring souls, water ghosts landing, roosters attracting souls, marriage with ghosts... Let you feel different senses while learning about folk horror stories Visual experience.

Special opportunity, good and bad luck

The wild is full of opportunities. You may encounter a villager pretending to be a ghost who asks you for help, and stabs you when you are not ready. It is also possible to meet villagers who are really injured and give you special items after you rescue them. At the same time, the villages, mass graves, broken temples, ancestral tombs, etc. in the wild have different events in different places, which will make you full of excitement when exploring in the wild.

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