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Telegram finally incorporates the only function in which WhatsApp surpassed it


Telegram finally added to its platform the only function in which WhatsApp surpassed it: group video calls, a tool that is available in its beta version 7.8.0. The news was revealed by the Asian technology portal Gizchina, which echoes this new version of the Telegram messaging app and details this feature with which the platform created by the brothers Nikolái and Pável Dúrov can become the favorite of millions of users and give a final thrust to WhatsApp or Clubhouse. It should be noted that Telegram video calls will have a limit of participants.

In this way, Telegram will add support for group video calls for all users on a date yet to be determined. This update, which is still in beta, also includes aesthetic novelties such as gradient chat backgrounds that change and react when messages are sent. It will also add animated stickers and changes to the interface, where the placement of the search button that will appear in the header of the chat stands out.

Privacy: differences between WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal

All three applications have end-to-end encryption on their messages. This means that the messages are encrypted on the sender's device and decrypted on the receiver's. WhatsApp has extensive communication functionalities and is the most used, so it is probably more practical for daily communications or with those contacts who do not use another application. However, by using it, data and information that is being used by the Facebook conglomerate are being transferred.

Telegram would be located in an intermediate place between Signal and WhatsApp, with an increasing number of users and increasingly popular. Although it belongs to a private company, it collects much less information and has the same (or even more) features than WhatsApp. However, if you decide to use it, it is important to remember to use secret chats for private communications.

Finally, Signal is clearly the application with the best security features, in addition to guaranteeing the privacy of information. However, it is still a little-known application and perhaps many of the contacts are not using it.

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