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Telegram's new features: video broadcasts, quick transitions between channels, and others


The team of the Telegram messenger announced the release of a big update, which brought with it video broadcasts for an unlimited audience, the ability to remove the sender's name and photo captions when forwarding messages, a quick transition between unread publications in channels, an updated sticker panel and much more.

Previously, the developers added video broadcasts, and now you can broadcast video from a camera or screen to an unlimited audience. Any Telegram user can have their own channel with millions of viewers. Viewers can raise their hands and participate in the broadcast if they receive permission from the administrator.

When forwarding messages, you get more options: you can choose whether to show the name of the original sender, keep or remove captions for photos and media files, remove unnecessary messages from forwarding, or change the recipient.

Telegram has millions of channels on a wide variety of topics - now you can watch new messages from the channels you subscribe to without returning to the chat list. When you reach the last post in a channel, drag the screen up to go to the next unread channel.

With this update, it's much easier to find the right sticker for any situation. In the sticker panel, new popular packs are now shown above the recently submitted stickers section. To save the settings for the future, just click "Add". The Android app has also increased the size of the suggested stickers in the tooltip. Sets in the catalog can also be searched for by keywords. Of course, new animated emojis have been added.

If the interlocutor is looking for a sticker suitable for answering, then you will see the status Selects a sticker in the chat header, which usually displays Typing or Recording a voice message.

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