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Tencent Meeting adds support for one-click pause

According to Tencent Cloud, when the new semester started, a group of uninvited guests engaged in "online class invasion", maliciously swiping the screen, opening the microphone and playing songs, sharing vulgar content, and wantonly disrupting the classroom order. Tencent Conference recently added a new function: find intruders, one-click pause.

As long as the "pause participant activity" function is selected with one click, the audio, video and other collaboration permissions of all ordinary participants will be immediately stopped, the waiting room will be opened, and the meeting will be locked. Only the host and co-hosts can move freely.

The latest version of Tencent Meetings needs to be downloaded (copy the link to the PC browser to open it on the mobile phone), it is suitable for Windows clients, please make sure to update to version and above.

Setting method: (In-Meeting) Security > Suspend Participant Activity. After stopping the disruptive behavior, the moderator can immediately "remove the disruptor from the meeting" and set "do not allow users to join the meeting again". It is recommended that the host be set up at the beginning of the class and "lock the meeting" as soon as all students and teachers are in place.

Setting method: (in a meeting) Security > Lock meeting, or remove members.

Finally, for the online class scenario, Tencent Conference also provides a professional education version, which supports the identity authentication function of teachers and students, and realizes the connection with the school's identity authentication system to ensure that only teachers and students of the school can access online courses. Client setting method: Schedule a meeting > Check "Only teachers and students of this school can join the meeting".

Official website setting method: Schedule a meeting > Check "Only teachers and students of this school can join the meeting", and add meeting guests as whitelist users.

Here are more tips for preventing disruptive intrusions at the Tencent conference:

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