Tencent's acquisition of a game development team threatens some of the world's armies

The video game industry is one of the largest entertainment industries. This industry outperforms the film and music industries combined. But a Tencent acquisition of a game development company is turning out to be a security threat to the Western world.

The Chinese company Tencent is one of the most important players in the electronic games market, despite its recent era. In 2020 alone, the company was able to invest and purchase up to 31 companies in this field.

And the Chinese company does not seem to stop there, as it continues with acquisitions and investment in 2021. In June, the company acquired Yager, the developer of Spec Ops: The Line. The company also bought a portion of the shares of the Life is Strange game development team, as well as Lost Souls Aside. And she keeps doing what she's doing.

Tencent's acquisition of Crytek

In the past months, rumors have surfaced about the company's intention to acquire or invest in huge companies such as Take-Two and EA. They are the developers of the GTA and FIFA games, respectively. But it seems that the company has begun planning another acquisition, which may be more important.

According to a German journalist, the Chinese company is trying to acquire Crytek for 300 million euros. Crytek is one of the important companies in the game development field. This is despite the fact that it is not the same size as companies like EA and Take-Two in size.

The acquisition of Crytek, the developer of the popular Crysis game series, may be considered a normal acquisition, but press sources classify this acquisition as a security threat to a number of countries.

The German newspaper BILD described the acquisition as a security risk. This is because, in addition to developing games, Crytek develops simulation software for Western armies, including the German army.

These programs are used in simulating military operations and exercises. This is based on the CryEngine developed by Crytek. Given that Tencent is a Chinese company, and given the notoriety surrounding the company and the Chinese government, there are concerns that the company could use the CryEngine and Crytek products to spy on Western militaries.

Several Crytek employees in Germany have expressed concerns about the same.

On the other hand, one Niko Partners analyst stated that the German newspaper was exaggerating. Crytek has been looking for buyers for a long time. Tencent wants to buy for two reasons, which are to invest more in gaming.

Tencent's access to Crytek's resources helps greatly in the gaming arena. The latter owns a large number of important games. It also has advanced technologies, most notably the CryEngine engine.

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