Tencent's new patent: Session messages can be sent regularly

Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was authorized for the patent of "method, device, computer equipment and storage medium for regularly sending session messages".

The abstract shows that the present invention relates to a method, device, computer equipment, and storage medium for timing sending of session messages, and belongs to the technical field of information sent. The method includes: acquiring a conversation message to be sent; acquiring a semantic message set corresponding to the conversation message to be sent; the semantic message set includes a conversation message matching the semantics of the conversation message to be sent; the semantic message Each conversation message in the set is a sent conversation message; according to the conversation time information of each conversation message in the semantic message set, the recommended sending time of the conversation message to be sent is determined; Send conversation messages.

The above technical solution solves the problem of low efficiency in sending session messages. It can automatically recommend the sending time and send the conversation message according to the recommended time, which effectively improves the sending efficiency of the conversation message.

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