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Tencent's new racing game in internal testing

Tencent is testing a racing game, codenamed Speed. According to officials, this game has the ultimate engine, and with host-level picture quality, it can achieve high-quality audio-visual effects. The game has a large real-world map, which can be freely explored without restrictions.

  • The ultimate engine with host-level image quality

  • High-quality audio-visual effects interpret the ultimate visual feast!

  • Turbo boost, engine roar,

  • The whistling sound of the wind when the body is galloping

  • The roar of racing excitement is right in the ears!

  • Large live map

  • Unlimited free exploration

  • Step on the accelerator, Benz is in the wilderness or danger

  • The extreme speed of the heartbeat

  • Leave all troubles behind you!

  • You are the master of the racing world!

Interested players can participate in the internal testing activities on the Tencent Game Dawanka WeChat public account.

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