Tesla advises Texas owners to avoid peak charging to reduce grid load during heatwave

Under the growing demand for electricity, the power grid in Texas, USA, it difficult to meet the local peak electricity consumption. Previously, the power problems in the area mostly occurred during the peak electricity consumption in winter, but this year, the power grid in Texas has also been in short supply under the summer heat wave.

In May, Texas experienced its first heat wave, which tripped six local power plants. At the time, Tesla issued an in-vehicle alert to Texas owners, advising them not to charge during peak periods.

Now, Texas is reeling from a new heatwave, with local temperatures expected to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) in the coming days. So Tesla has issued that alert again, with an alert that a heat wave could impact the Texas power grid in the coming days. Grid operators recommend avoiding charging during peak electricity consumption periods between 3 pm and 8 pm as much as possible to reduce grid stress.

In addition to advising Tesla owners to avoid charging during peak periods, Tesla is also demonstrating the value of its solar roof. Previously, Tesla joined some users with solar roofs to demonstrate the role of solar roofs to the local electric utility regulator (ERCOT): when the grid is overloaded, these users can use their solar power to support the grid. As of last month, Tesla had persuaded 64 solar roof users to join the program. However, Tesla wants utility regulators to compensate these users, but they are currently not getting any compensation.

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