Tesla brought Not Model Y crossovers to Europe


Officially, deliveries of the new Tesla Model Y crossovers to Europe have not yet begun, although the other day one of the Tesla employees let slip about the arrival of the first ship with Tesla Model Y to Europe. Apparently, deliveries are really starting, because today such an auto transporter was seen in the Netherlands.

More precisely, on the body of the Tesla Model Y, there is a sticker with the mysterious inscription Not Model Y. The reason for this is not clear, but presumably, this is a kind of car "camouflage" performed by Tesla.

These appear to be test samples for internal testing or regulatory approval. In the automotive industry, such designs are often provided with a masking film. Tesla does not use this method very often and, perhaps, now the company is simply joking about this practice.

Tesla originally planned to launch the Model Y in Europe only when production began at the Gigafactory in Berlin. However, the automaker changed its plans last month and opened European orders for Model Ys made in China, with shipments expected in September.

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