Tesla cancels its finish record holder. It will not produce Model S Plaid +


The American carmaker Tesla will abandon the production of the Model S Plaid + car with the longest range. Elon Musk, the company's head, informed about it on Twitter. Instead of the top model, customers should only need an ordinary Model S Plaid, which according to Musk will be the fastest series-produced car.

We canceled Plaid +, It's not necessary because Plaid is already good, Musk wrote on Twitter. The S Plaid + model was supposed to be the most luxurious Tesla model with a range of over 830 kilometers. The carmaker announced its production last year at an event called Battery Day. She later moved the start of car production from the end of 2021 to 2022.

According to the carmaker's website, the S Plaid will accelerate from zero to one hundred in 2.1 seconds. However, this number is controversial because Tesla uses specific measurements for it. The maximum speed of the car is 320 kilometers and the range is almost 630 kilometers.

The Model S is moving to Plaid speed this week, Musk wrote without further details. The carmaker is to present this model on Thursday. The cancellation of the Plaid + version means, among other things, a small victory for the German Mercedes. Tesla has no answer to his flagship electric ship EQS with a range of 770 kilometers.

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