Tesla cybertruck electric pickup truck receives over one million bookings

Cybertruck Electric Pickup
Cybertruck Electric Pickup

Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Tracker website has given an estimate that the total number of reservations for the soon-to-be-launched vehicle has exceeded one million. One of the reasons for this exceptional number of bookings is the low reservation fee, which is fully refundable. Elon Musk’s brand has been keen on delivering the much-awaited Cybertruck by the end of 2021.

According to the Tesla Cybertruck Reservation Tracker, it is being said that only 7.5% of bookings have been done for the entry-level trim of the vehicle. The highest percentage of bookings have been made for the mid-level trim of the upcoming vehicle. The middle variant of the Cybertruck occupies 48% of bookings followed by 44.5% reservations of the top model.

Tesla is going to launch the Cybertruck in three variants including, an entry-level single-motor variant getting a rear-wheel-drive configuration and a range of around 402 km. The mid-range variant of the wheeler is going to be home to a dual-motor setup, along with an all-wheel-drive setup. This machine will ensure that the swanky four-wheeler has a range of around 483 km.

The top model will be powered by three electric motors and is obviously going to house an all-wheel-drive system. The range of this model will be around 805 km. Furthermore, it is being said that the variant will go from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in merely 2.9 seconds. Apart from that the most expensive model of the Tesla Cybertruck will have a towing capacity of around 6,350 kg.

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