Tesla employees ask social media users to delete posts attacking Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most targeted users of the Twitter platform by users, especially with a large number of tweets he publishes all the time, and a report issued by Business Insider revealed that Tesla’s energy department told employees to look for slanderous publications against the company and its CEO And not only that, employees were asked to contact some of the owners of those posts and ask them to delete them.

According to a Business Insider report, which cites the claims of a former Tesla employee, a team of more than 20 employees searches for social media posts and review sites for customer complaints against the company, and this now appears to be pretty standard practice that most companies would publish.

However, the former Tesla employee also revealed that these employees have asked customers to delete complaints posts if and when they are resolved, and not only that, another 9-member team appears to be looking for posts that Musk mentioned.

A former Tesla Energy manager told Business Insider that employees were asked to take a look at #Elon or #TeslaEnergy or anything related to Tesla or its CEO.

This came as no surprise because earlier this year, Tesla Energy published a job listing looking for a sales and customer support specialist, and the job description read, "Tesla energy support specialists deal with a variety of customer issues while providing world-class customer service. He also indicated that the role of the specialist is to resolve or escalate complaints through appropriate channels and address the escalation of social media directed at the CEO through critical thinking.

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