Tesla increases charging rates in California

Tesla officially raised the rate of supercharging stations in California. This is not the first time Tesla has raised prices in the United States, and it certainly won't be the last. Electricity is clearly cheaper than natural gas right now, but U.S. electricity bills have risen accordingly. Buying an electric car can save you a lot of money if you can charge it at home. And if you need to charge at a public charging pile, the price of charging at different sites may be different, but it will definitely be more expensive than home charging.

According to Electrek, a full charge at a Tesla Supercharger costs about $5 to $10. Now, after multiple price hikes, many Tesla Superchargers in California are charging as much as $0.50 per kilowatt-hour during peak hours. Doing the math, it costs about $30 to charge a 60-kWh battery pack and about $50 to charge a 100-kWh battery. Of course, $30-$50 on a trolley can cover 300 miles or more, which you can't get on a gas truck.

According to an official Tesla email, Tesla adjusted its busy-hour charging rates in California starting Wednesday, September 28.

“Starting on Wednesday, September 28, charging rates and off-peak hours at some Supercharger stations will change. If you start charging during off-peak hours, you can avoid peak hours and save on charging costs. Tap on the touchscreen in the car. to see rates on a map of chargers."

Tesla’s move is aimed at allowing users to charge off-peak to avoid power shortages caused by everyone charging at the same time.

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