Tesla introduces a fast charger for cars that do not use its fast-charging system

Elon Musk caused panic among many Tesla owners recently when he said that the company plans to open its own fast-charging stations for non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs), as many fear the move will lead to congestion of facilities And longer lines in chargers,.

But in a call via Electrek about second-quarter earnings with Tesla investors, the Tesla chief made it clear that he remains committed to the plan, although he acknowledged that for it to be effective, the electric car company would need to expand its charging network at a rapid pace to keep pace with the increasing production of electric cars by manufacturers. other cars.

Tesla currently has about 25,000 superchargers operating at nearly 3,000 stations around the world, allowing drivers to add up to 200 miles of range in just 15 minutes. Tesla's plan to open its fast chargers to non-Tesla electric cars stems from the company's long-held ambition to support the emergence of sustainable energy, not beat its competitors.

The CEO went on to explain how non-Tesla owners will be able to use Superchargers when they become available later this year. We're thinking of something really simple where you just download the Tesla app, go to the Supercharger, select the kiosk you're in, and drop in your car, even if you're not a Tesla.

In an effort to reduce the kind of station overcrowding that many Tesla owners fear, Musk said a dynamic pricing system could be introduced, as costs would be higher for non-Tesla cars that charge at a slower rate. Also, Supercharger stations would cost more to use during times like rush hour, and less during quieter periods of the day.

How this goes down with current Tesla owners will of course depend on what the company decides to charge during peak times. Non-Tesla owners in North America will have to use an adapter to connect their EV to a supercharger, which will be available for use at each station.

Tesla has yet to provide a confirmed date on when to open Superchargers for other electric vehicles.

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