Tesla mobile app update with lots of new features & redesigned UI

Tesla has released an updated version of the mobile app of the same name. Tesla Version 4.0 offers a significantly redesigned interface and many new features.

The Tesla mobile app allows you to control some of the functions of Tesla vehicles directly from your smartphone, such as unlocking, climate control, and so on. Today's update (4.0) can safely claim the status of the largest update in the history of the application.

The look of the app has changed to make it more convenient for those who own multiple Tesla products.

Among the main innovations, the developers indicate an updated home page for Tesla cars and energy products, and improved function of calling a car, extended support for using a smartphone as a key for several cars, instant sending commands to the car when opening an application, a Tesla catalog for shopping, viewing and manage your orders, new widgets, Supercharging history and much more.

The updated Tesla app is available for Android and iOS on Google Play and the App Store.

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