Tesla Model 3 by Manhart: High Voltage


The renowned preparer Manhart is known for his extensive work on brands such as BMW and Mini, although occasionally he also dares with other Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, or Lamborghini products. However, his most recent project moves him to electric mobility, and is that a Tesla Model 3 has crept into his facilities and of course, he was not going to make him ugly if he did not customize it. In addition, the version chosen for the occasion is the most performing of all, that is, the Performance.

Slight aesthetic changes

The German specialist has carried out quite remarkable work as not only has he limited himself to decorating the image of the electric compact, but he has also dared with the propulsion system, which now improves its figures in order to provide extra adrenaline that it is always very grateful. But before talking about it, we must highlight the presence of a series of red and gray striped decals on the hood, trunk, and sides, with matching red details on the rear-view mirrors. Additionally, the front bumper now features a grid-like adhesive with a honeycomb pattern.

If we continue with the front, Manhart has installed a carbon-fiber splitter that really suits the vehicle, but, fortunately, it has not completed the aggressive look with fake tailpipes as other preparers did in the past. Finally, the windows are tinted for privacy and to hide the interior of the car, which is preserved as fresh from the factory, although the German company offers different custom elements for those who are interested. The TM3 700, as this project is called, is also equipped with 21-inch Baracuda wheels finished in platinum gray, shod with 235/30 R21 tires.

The TM3 700 goes lower and that is due to the presence of some H&R springs.

Improved performance

Manhart also developed the MHTronik Powerbox which draws more power from the dual motors of the already powerful Tesla Model 3 Performance. As a result, the electric powertrain produces a combined power of 550 horsepower and the maximum torque grows to 720 Nm, so performance will have been significantly improved. As for the battery, the TME 720 uses the 82 kWh lithium-ion unit as standard.

Given that the Tesla Model 3 Performance costs 62,990 euros in our country, the € 74,900 that Manhart asks for the TM3 700 represents a significant increase that, perhaps, many are not willing to pay, especially when we talk about a car that reaches 100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds without modifications.

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