Tesla Model 3 is not adapted to Indian roads due to too low ground clearance

The Model 3 will be Tesla's first vehicle in the Indian market. Only when preparing to launch the model in this very market, does the company face an unexpected difficulty?

As it turned out, the car's clearance is simply not enough for local roads. The agency testing the car recorded that during the tests the Model 3 touched the bottom of the road bumps or objects in 160 cases out of 200. That is, most of the bumps, speed bumps, and other similar objects Model 3 is not able to drive normally.

That being said, the Model 3's suspension uses springs that cannot simply be adjusted to increase ground clearance. That is, they need to be changed. Moreover, the same agency recommended increasing the ground clearance by 25 mm, which is a lot.

As a result, the Model Y may become the first Tesla model on the Indian market. Its ground clearance is 170 mm, which should be just enough.

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