Tesla Model 3 is the world's first million-dollar electric car

The first electric car in the world, sold in the amount of 1 million copies, was the Tesla Model 3. According to the source, by the end of the second quarter, world auto-deliveries amounted to 1,031,588.

At the moment, the US market remains the largest for the company. As of June this year, the number of new registered electric vehicles in the US reached 214,111. For comparison, during the same period last year, 98,351 electric vehicles were registered in the US. At the same time, Tesla accounts for 70% of the electric vehicle market in this country.

The situation with electric vehicles in China is more interesting: in the first half of the year, 1.12 million electric vehicles were sold in the PRC. China is the largest market in the world by volume when it comes to electric cars. Of these 1.12 million, 161,743 were Tesla models.

According to official reports, Tesla delivered 386,050 vehicles to customers in the first half of the year, but the plan for the year is more ambitious: by the end of the year, Tesla's electric vehicle deliveries are expected to exceed 800,000 units. However, this forecast hardly takes into account the situation with the deficit of components in the industry.

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