Tesla Model S Plaid officially recognized as the fastest production electric car

The head of Tesla Elon Musk shared the good news that Model S Plaid is officially recognized as the fastest production electric car of those that passed the Nürburgring track. This track is used by almost all automakers for testing and fine-tuning their cars, and high-speed races are an unofficial measure of the dynamic capabilities of different cars. And so, in its category, the Model S Plaid is recognized as the benchmark until its record is improved by another serial electric car.

Recall that one of the previous Nürburgring lap records, if we consider serial electric cars, belonged to the Taycan Turbo - in 2019 it covered a lap in 7 minutes and 43.3 seconds. The Model S Plaid, as seen in the picture, finished in 7 minutes and 30.9 seconds.

And although cars with traditional engines are faster at the Nurburgring (for example, the Porsche Panamera Turbo completed a circle in 7 minutes and 23.1 seconds), you need to understand that these are mostly sports cars, and not in the simplest versions. The Model S Plaid, albeit very powerful, is still a family sedan, and in the basic version.


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