Tesla Model Y high-performance version started domestic delivery in China

The first batch of Tesla Model Y high-performance models started to be delivered. The Model Y high-performance version has a starting price of 387,900 yuan and has a battery life of 566 kilometers under the NEDC standard. With the support of dual-motor all-wheel drive, it only takes 3.7 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers, and the maximum speed can reach 250 kilometers per hour.

In addition, the Model Y high-performance version with 10 milliseconds of four-wheel-drive response speed is also equipped with a racing kit, including 21-inch cyclone turbine wheels and carbon fiber spoilers, advanced braking devices, exclusive aluminum alloy pedals, and lower suspension.

Tesla data shows that since the opening of the subscription in China in January 2021, Tesla Model Y has sold more than 10,000 in a stable month. In September of this year, Model Y ranked first in the list with 33,033 vehicles, surpassing many fuel SUVs.

Tesla’s current charging network across the country has exceeded 1,000 super charging stations, more than 8,000 super charging stations, and more than 700 destination charging stations, covering more than 360 cities across the country. The vehicle can be charged for 15 minutes through the Tesla V3 super charging pile, which can add up to about 250 kilometers of cruising range.

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