Tesla's Berlin plant temporarily only produces black and white Model Y

Tesla’s new Berlin super factory can only produce Model Y electric cars in black or white. European customers who want to order Model Y in other colors need to wait until March next year for delivery.

Earlier, when Ford planned to start producing the Model T, it had a similar strategy. Henry Ford told his team: "Any customer can paint the car any color he wants, as long as it's black."

According to foreign media reports, Tesla's Berlin plant currently only produces the Model Y electric SUV in black or white.

European customers who want to order the Model Y in a different color will have to wait for the electric car produced by the Shanghai Gigafactory, with deliveries as early as March 2023, the report said. If Tesla customers choose to order the Model Y in black or white, they can expect to receive the car in October of this year.

Problems have been reported in the paint shop at Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory since March, which is why the Berlin Gigafactory can currently only produce the Model Y in black or white.

Due to the continuous increase in production and the production bottleneck caused by the limited capacity of the factory's paint shop, Tesla had to close the Berlin Gigafactory for two weeks in July this year in order to optimize the production process. The company hopes to make the current car production double.

After optimizing the factory's production process, Tesla's Berlin Gigafactory will resume operations in three shifts, with the body only needing to stay in each production workshop for 45 seconds instead of 90 seconds as before. These adjustments will also apply to the paint shop.

Tesla delivered 254,695 electric vehicles globally in the second quarter, in line with Wall Street analysts' estimates.

Tesla still expects its global annual production to increase by 50% this year, much of which will come from capacity increases at its Berlin, Germany, and Austin, U.S. Gigafactories. But analysts reportedly believe the two plants together produced only about 6,000 vehicles in the second quarter.

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