Tesla's full autopilot was first tested on the roads of Kiev

Back in July this year, Tesla released a software update for its vehicles that adds Full Self-Driving. At the moment, there have been several updates for the Full Self-Driving system, but at the same time, only a few Tesla owners living in the United States can test full autopilot.

A few days ago, a video was published on Doctor Elon's YouTube channel in which the Full Self-Driving system is being tested in the center of Kiev. The enthusiast was able to install the firmware on his car using software that hackers leaked to the Network. The video is interesting because it is one of the first tests of Tesla's full autopilot in Europe.

In general, the autopilot was working, the car recognized traffic signals and road markings. However, the driver from time to time still helped the car by adjusting the trajectory of its movement.

In the US, the company sells the Full Self-Driving package for $ 10,000 or by subscription for $ 199 a month. This driver assistance system does not make Tesla electric vehicles completely safe and does not allow the driver to be completely distracted from the road situation.


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