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Tesla: Texas Gigafactory Has Produced 10,000 Model Ys

This afternoon, Tesla announced through its official Twitter that the Texas Gigafactory has produced 10,000 Model Y vehicles. The Texas Gigafactory, Tesla’s fifth Gigafactory, began limited production of the Model Y in late 2021 and reached the milestone of producing 1,000 vehicles per week in August.

In addition to the Texas Gigafactory, the Tesla Gigafactory also includes the Nevada Gigafactory, the New York Gigafactory, the Shanghai Gigafactory, and the Berlin Gigafactory. According to Musk's previous disclosures, Tesla's Texas super factory will not only produce Model Y, but will also produce the first Cybertruck electric pickup and Semi electric truck.

In the second quarter of 2022, Tesla produced more than 258,000 vehicles globally and delivered more than 254,000 vehicles. In addition, Tesla has built more than 35,000 super charging piles around the world.

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