Tesla will ship 1.3 million electric vehicles in 2022

Dan Ives, an analyst at private equity firm Wedbush Securities, has forecast Tesla's electric vehicle shipments for next year. According to the expert, despite the increased competition in the electric car segment, Tesla will still remain the leader. Moreover, according to Ives, Tesla will disproportionately benefit from the industry's shift to electric vehicles.

Despite the problems with the lack of components, which this year affected almost all automakers and, of course, Tesla including, the company will be able to ship a large number of electric vehicles to customers - 900 thousand. And next year, after the new Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin start-up, Tesla deliveries will increase to 1.3 million units. This will push the company's shares upward - to the $ 1,000 mark per share.

As noted, Ives is one of Wall Street's most respected analysts. It is ranked 30th out of 7641 in the TipRanks ranking.


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