Testing a feature on Twitter that allows users to control their tweets


The administrators of the "Twitter" application have started testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to control their tweets and the people who view them.

According to the images published by Twitter researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the application is testing a new feature that will allow users to remove certain followers from their pages without having to ban them.

The researcher notes that followers who have been removed from a particular person's Twitter page will not be able to see their tweets, but they will still be able to search for them on the app.

The published photos show that the Twitter user will have several options for controlling his followers. The first option is to “silence notifications” from a specific person, the second option is to “report a specific account,” and the third is to “remove the account” from the list of followers, according to what I reported.

Currently, Twitter users cannot remove a specific follower from their page directly, so they resort to banning the follower's account, and then cancel the ban if they wish.

In addition to this feature, "Twitter" recently began testing another important feature that allows the user to specify who can reply or leave comments on his published tweets.


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